More ways to use High Tide Stamp Set

By | January 16, 2018

On Friday I showed you a sample done on regular cardstock using the High Tide Stamp Set from Stampin’ Up. Today I will continue ideas using that stamp set. Todays samples are done on glossy cardstock, and ink is sponged on. It’s truly simple to do. There are a few more steps involved but nothing difficult. I would say the most difficult thing is deciding what you want your scene to look like. Should I or shouldn’t I use the light rays? Should my mountains be higher or lower?

I am in the middle of doing a video, but if I’m being honest here, it’s taking me a while to figure out the editing. It’s been a long time since I’ve done videos, so I’m learning all over again about the editing. It would be nice if I could just do a straight run through without any blunders. But alas, that’s not going to happen. So let me try to put it in step form here for you.

  1. First using archival black ink stamp the lighthouse that has the most detail in it.
  2. Next using Real Red ink, and the other half of the lighthouse, stamp directly over top of the black lighthouse to finish it off
  3. Use a scrap piece of paper (just use regular paper and not cardstock. I personally like the thinner paper because then you don’t have the white outline when you sponge) and tear it to make mountains
  4. Stamp just the detailed lighthouse on a scrap piece of lightweight paper and cut it out. This is going to be your lighhouse mask.
  5. Then if you want a moon, punch a moon out on lightweight paper.
  6. Place your mask over top of your stamped lighthouse.
  7. Put a straight piece of paper across your card where you want the horizon to be.
  8. Place your mountain template on top of the card.
  9. Place your moon template where you want it to show.
  10. Now sponge away! I used perfect plum, so saffron, daffodil delight and melon mambo. You can dab lightly, heavier you can go over top to lighten or darken. Just sponge away with your colours until you have the sunset look you are happy with.
  11. Remove the mountain, horizon and moon templates
  12. Now you are going to stamp the rocks around the lighthouse. In the one card, I used Smoky Slate, in the other card I used Chocolate Chip.
  13. Also stamp your rock image on lightweight scrap and cut out to use as your mask.
  14. Place your mask over the rocks
  15. Remember you left the lighthouse mask on
  16. Now position the straight edge horizon, so that it’s covering the top portion of the card where you have sponged your sunset or sunrise, still lining up at the horizon.
  17. Use Pacific Point ink to stamp the ripples into the water area
  18. If you are using glossy cardstock – used a dry cloth (kleenex is fine) and just dab lightly over the ripples. Because it takes a few seconds for the ink to dry, it will still be a little bit wet, so as you dab, it’s going to smear the blue, just enough.
  19. Remove all your masks.
  20. If you want the light rays, stamp them on using smoky slate. You might not want to make the same mistake I did, and have the light rays too close to the moon.
  21. After you are done oohing and aahing, use Black archival ink to stamp birds and greeting if you wish.
  22. If I may make one recommendation it’s this! When you stamp your greeting use your Misti or your stamparatus, or your stamp a ma jig, to make sure your greeting is straight. It’s not a great feeling to complete your card, and then have to start all over to correct your greeting.

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